McFarlane Family

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Beautiful Wedding!!

My Mother in law Susan did a Great Job With my wedding album!! I love it so much!!!! Here are a few Pages from it... The Happiest Day of my life... :)

We Love Disneyland :0)

We went to Disneyland during the Halllowwwweeennn time!! it was so much fun and nice to see all the Halloween decorations!

My Mother in Law Susan did this. Isnt it Great!? She was so small...

More fun....

Halloween 2008

Rylee as Snow White.. She had so much fun. She tells us next year she is going to be Bell, Then Jasmine, Then Sleeping Beauty then Cinderella.. She sure is the best :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shes Growing.....

Rylee is getting SO big!! She is just so Beautiful :) I wish she would stay this smal or get smaller! I dont want her to grow up and have her own family. I know its still a long time away.. But She is so smart I am afraid of what shes going to be like when shes a teenager!

Rylee's & Dylans 1st Time @ Irvine Park

We had a Great time at the Irvine Park with the kids! They had so much fun. But boy was it Hot!! I liked the small zoo they have there, that was pretty nice.. They had a train ride which I thought was a waste of money :) and then the pony ride! That was fun.. Dylan wasnt too fond of the Pony ride but he made it thru! There was this sign that said "Dont Pet or Feed Ponies They may Bite" so I see this idiot who obvisouly didnt read the sign and he is having his maybe 18-24month old touch its face... I am freaking out just hoping this pony doesnt flip out... It didnt! But man some people really irritate me! Maybe its just me being so over protected :)